The Assisted Living Arizona with the best staff

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We were three children in the family. Our eldest is now living in New Zealand, the 2nd one is currently living in France and I am about to leave the country too. Because of this, there was totally no one who would be available to look after our mother. I was the one taking care of her and I was in fact willing to take care of her for the rest of her time. But she was the one who told me that it was okay that I leave her and I chase my dreams.

At first I was so reluctant with her advice because there is no one that we could really trust to take care of her. But later I realized that she was right and I have to start living my own life. After talking with my mother, together we searched an Assisted Living Arizona for her. We found a website where we were able to see the list of all the Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona. She was the one who choose the facility and I was the one who contacted them.

Just after a few weeks, my mother moved to the Mesa Assisted Living that she chose. I visited her twice since she got there and all I heard was good stories about the facility. And I could also see how the staff really took care of my mother and they were just very warm people. We were lucky to find the best facility with the best staff. Now, I could leave my mother without worries.

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